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3 Websites That Will Make Coupons Worth Your While


Who doesn’t love saving money, right? I know I do. A lot of people don’t want to waste their time with the hassle of clipping coupons, remembering to bring them to the store, and then actually remembering to use them. I have been guilty of all three of these at some point myself. I want to share a few websites with you that will definitely make coupons worth your while. is probably one of the oldest and most trusted coupon sites. is great because you can save in a number of different ways. The most obvious way that you can save money with this website is by printing coupons to bring the grocery store with you. There seem to be new coupons on their site every day. You can scroll through them all at once, or you can browse them by category and print the ones you need. You can also look for coupon codes on this site that you can use while shopping online. You can search for these codes by store, or you can also search by a particular occasion, like a holiday closeout sale or Cyber Monday. Another way that can save you money is with loyalty cards. If you have a membership card or a loyalty card with a store, you can link your card on the website, add coupons from the website onto your card, and then swipe your card at checkout. One huge advantage to the website is that they have a large variety of coupons to look through. Whenever I am looking for a particular coupon, I will usually look here first.

Another coupon website that is definitely worth checking out is The website is similar to in that you are able to print out coupons to bring to the grocery store with you, and you can search the coupons by category. As the name suggests, takes it a step further and can help you begin to learn the “extreme couponing” that we hear so much about, although I hear that it actually takes a lot of practice. has several different store ads on the website that it will scan daily, and the website will actually update you with sales that can be paired with coupons to achieve the maximum savings possible. There is also a place on the website to brag about your deals. It is always fun to read those stories and be inspired.

The last website I want to mention is I have just recently been introduced to this coupon website, and I love it already after just using it a couple times. boasts that they offer coupons from 64,561 different stores, and that you save an average of $21 on your next purchase. Of course, every shopping trip is different, but you can end up saving a ton of money when you use this website. On, you can also search for specific coupons, search by store, or browse current deals. There are new deals added every day, so I keep checking in. is convenient and easy to navigate, which definitely makes it worth checking out. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite coupon websites.

I just wanted to add a quick little disclaimer about coupons at the end of this article. Of course, you want to stick to shopping with coupons for items that you would either already buy or that you want to try anyway. Having a coupon makes it less expensive to try something new, but you can also get stuck in the trap of buying things just because you have a coupon. I have done this, and I have actually ended up spending more money than I would have spent without coupons. Spending more money using coupons really defeats the purpose of using coupons to begin with.

So there you have it. These are just a few of my favorite coupon websites to get you started, although there are many more out there. These three websites have worked best for me, but do your own research. Find your deals. Happy couponing to you, and I would love to hear of your successes as well!…